Sao Paulo 2019 16-17 MAIO


Os workshops pré-conferência são organizados nas terça 14 e quarta 15 de Maio. Cada inscrição para os workshops é para ambos os dias. Os ingressos para os workshops não são vendidos separadamente dos ingressos da conferência.

O preço da inscrição inclui a entrada nos 2 dias de palestras e os 2 dias de oficina.

Oferecemos 2 dias com 1 workshop de 8 horas cada conforme detalhado abaixo. Serão então 16h de conteúdo em inglês.

Local: 4Linux, Rua Vergueiro, 3057 - Vila Mariana, São Paulo

by Nicolas Grekas Symfony SAS e Cyrille Grandval Darkmira

Workshop descrições:

Os 2 dias de workshops serão em inglês. Um pessoa do time de organizador dará algum apoio se necessário em português (mas não será tradução simultânea).

Mastering OOD & Design Patterns (14 de Maio - combo with Symfony 4 Best Practices)

Object Oriented Design aka OOD is hard and not limited to designing just classes and interfaces. Indeed, OOD includes a wide variety of concepts such as objects, entities, value objects, services, design patterns, SOLID principles, object calisthenics, coupling, etc. Mastering OOD often requires several years for programers to master... This workshop will help you better understand all these concepts and techniques to write cleaner, more robust and more testable object oriented code. You'll learn how to make your code respect the SOLID principles. You'll also discover the techniques to reduce the complexity of your code as well as making your classes thinner and more focused. You'll also learn how to recognize and leverage the power of design patterns (factory, adapter, composite, decorator, mediator, strategy, etc.) in order to make your code flexible, extensible, unit testable and less fragile.

Symfony 4 Best Practices (15 de Maio - combo with Mastering OOD & Design Patterns)

Symfony 4 changes the way you develop web applications. During this workshop, you will discover the new practices recommended by the Symfony Core team. You will learn how to install third-party packages with Symfony Flex, configure your application with environment variables or exploit the new features of the dependency injection container. And much more!